The Best Fostering Blogs

The Best Fostering Blogs

Whether you are already a foster carer, or you are considering fostering, there is a wealth of information and support available on the internet and specifically, the many blogs dedicated to fostering. There are many excellent blogs, some are written by foster carers, which means that they feature invaluable first-hand accounts of fostering, both the highs and the lows. Others are written by children and young people who have been in care. So if you want to step into a child’s shoes, have a browse.

The Fostering Network

The Fostering Network works with over 400 fostering services and nearly 60,000 foster carers, whilst playing a direct role in influencing policy and practice. Their fostering blog is very interesting.

Foster Care UK

Foster Care UK have a series of blogs entitled “Reflections of a Foster Carer”, in which they give some of the carers they work with a chance to share their stories.

The Secret Foster Carer

The Secret Foster Carer blog is written by a carer who works with independent fostering agency, Blue Sky Fostering. It covers issues that all carers may one day face.

A Single Male Foster Carer’s Blog

Not all foster families are the same. Compass Fostering, an independent fostering agency, post their Single Male Foster Carer’s Blog. It’s moving, insightful and, if you’re going at this alone, indispensable.

I Was a Foster Kid

An American blog written by a former foster child with tips and suggestions as to how to care for foster children